What Are the Benefits of the GB Whatsapp?

GB Whatsapp is a superior and customised mod of original Whatsapp and is best for people who wish to utilize two different whatsapp accounts on a single mobile device. Unlike the original version, which could only be used on one cell phone, the latest version of this tweak allows users to use two different platforms on the same device. The application does not require any kind of downloads from the internet in order to work.

GB Whatsapp

Benefits Of The Latest GB Whatsapp version

 There are various benefits of using this latest version of GB Whatsapp. Users can easily change various settings such as theme color schemes, profile pictures, and even messages. GB Whatsapp has its file manager which allows users to organize all their messages in the correct folder. Moreover, it also allows the user to remove their old message folders while adding new ones.

  1. In addition to these neat features, this latest version of GB Whatsapp offers some additional features. One of them is disabling auto-complete conversation. The auto-complete conversation is the feature that suggests a chat mate when one is not chatting with someone. If you wish to disable this function, then you can do so. Simply go to the ‘Settings’ section and then click on the ‘Messages’ tab. Here you will be able to disable the auto-complete chat option.
  2. Another amazing feature of GB Whatsapp is the possibility of ticking or un-ticking the box options such as whether the conversation screen should display full or condensed text. Furthermore, you can change the visibility of the ticked boxes by moving them to the right or left of the title bar. You can change the visibility of all ticked boxes by selecting the ‘Tick Toggles’ option from the main menu. Moreover, if you want to hide certain chat features, just right-click on the relevant icon and it will disappear.

Issues With Malicious Programs On GB Whatsapp

During the last few versions of this messenger program, there were issues regarding some malicious applications which were developed to spy on and obtain the Passcode. To ensure the safety of your private data, you can now change the privacy settings of your account. You can turn off the Google Places, Gmail, and safe disc services which are used by some unwanted apps. Furthermore, you can enter your Passcode in case you forget your passcode in one of the above-mentioned sources. The most preferable way of changing the privacy settings of GB Whatsapp is through the ‘Change privacy’ option which is available after clicking on ‘Settings’ from the main menu of the application.

‘Show Events’ Feature On GB Whatsapp

Apart from altering some of the basic features provided by this software, you can also get to know the different types of events that are happening in your friend’s life. This is done by clicking on the ‘Show events’ link which is present on the top-right corner of your keyboard. In addition, you can enable or disable voice and text communication with other people using this application. There is a tick box option present, which enables you to hide last seen messages and the GB Whatsapp chat history to prevent spammers from sending you unwanted emails.

The ‘Show contact list’ is another useful feature that allows you to see the list of all the people who are currently talking with you on the GB Whatsapp chat. The number of chats that you have viewed is also available in the ‘Contact List’ section. The advanced version of this application provides a ‘Find People’ function, which enables you to search for people based on their names, ages, gender, etc. This is a very helpful feature that enables you to search for a particular person or a set of persons.


The latest release of this GB Whatsapp chat client version comes with the ‘Send and receive GMaxes’ function, which enables you to send and receive multiple messages on the phone using GB Whatsapp. This feature has been enhanced by the addition of an interface for viewing chat history. The ‘New chat’ option is also present in this latest release, which allows you to select an existing chat and add new chats. You can also view all your contacts history and chat logs on the GB Whatsapp website.